Does La Bottega del Falegname have a style of reference?

Probably the only way to answer this question is to ask a second one: does it make sense to confine Bottega’s work to a style statement?

Bottega is a creative space free from constraints and does not have the problem of producing furniture according to a predetermined style, but rather responding every time to the standards of beauty and practicality, design and construction quality.

We love to build beautiful, essential, practical objects. This yes.

Our way of doing things comes out of our designing, building and finishing. This yes.
In this sense, we can give an order and a classification to our work by understanding what role our main material, wood, played in that precise context.

By doing so, on the one hand you will be able to find your inspiration in creations in which wood is the main protagonist (expressions of wood) and on the other hand you will be able to discover the best of our work of recent times in which the design and beauty of the composition are power plants, regardless of the materials used.