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What makes our production truly unique is the ability to interpret different styles and tastes, while maintaining the production quality, the originality of the projects, the desire to satisfy the customer.


All the kitchens proposed by La Bottega del Falegname are original designs created by Paolo Bongiovanni and his staff. They make use of productive techniques with low environmental impact which reflect the handmade tradition.

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Bottega’s design is essential, functional, attentive to the environment and the well-being of the person, because the home is a refuge, safety, life.
Our furniture proposals for the living area aim to be as beautiful as they are practical.


Real luxury is far away from tacky: it means creating your own bedroom, beautiful, as it has always been desired. All the elements at the right place, a modern design but a warm and welcoming feeling. Bottega’s suggestions beautiful sleeping are listed here.


Functionality, comfort, beauty, uniqueness. These are the cardinals that La Bottega del Falegname follows when designing the most intimate room of the house, an oasis of warmth and peace. A concept of furniture increasingly integrated with our psychophysical well-being and our lifestyle.


La Bottega del Falegname creates unique and original solutions to decorate a particular place. Every kitchen, every living room, wall or piece of furniture is custom-made by definition. Each single client, private or commercial, is a new project which fulfils different needs for a specific place and presents innovative and interesting ideas.
A layout, a sketch, a photograph tell both desires and requirements. La Bottega del Falegname will be able to understand your ideas and turn them into reality, whether you are a professional or someone looking for a piece of furniture for yourself.
Concepts and materials, especially wood, are combined in our workshop, enhancing our environment.


The vast plain of Cuneo province, between Monviso and Stura River, is the place chosen to lay the foundations of our workshop. Surrounded by nature and the gurgling of the river, our products come from a stimulating, large and bright background.
One of the aspects of our philosophy is to pay attention to the environment. We make use of sustainable varnish and products and above all, we respect the traditions of handmade work, heritage of an old but modern way of living, of our culture.


La Bottega del Falegname is a place full of creativity and experimentation, born to design and produce unique and original items of furniture, using the best materials. Wood, undoubtedly, often is a major protagonist.
La Bottega chooses the best materials for each project, with customer satisfaction as the only goal.
We use various essences and types of wood, some of which are very precious. Among these, there is one that is truly unique.
In the plains round Piedmont, the abandoned farmhouses get old with the passing of time. Just there, the roof beams, especially extracted from durmast wood, resist both time and severe weather conditions. This aged material is chosen by La Bottega del Falegname for its creations and products: sometimes a 200-year old piece of durmast carries unique colours and inimitable grains.
Roof beams become exclusive and invaluable objects of design.

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La Bottega del Falegname purchases and uses solid wood and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified products.

La Bottega del Falegname purchases and uses solid wood and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified products.

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